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Spirit and Soul Shop was created for you the seeker.  To help you heal, align, educate, elevate and create. The Universe is very intentional, you should be too! Spirit and Soul Shop offers the metaphysical tools we all love, from candles, crystals, spell bath kits, oracle cards and so much more! Have you ever visited a metaphysical store and just didn’t know where to begin? Or facing a situation in your life that you simply didn’t know how to handle? We got you!

Yes,  Spirit and Soul Shop carries a large variety of the divination tools we all love, we also take care in sharing with our seekers how to use the spiritual/metaphysical products that we offer. Sharing techniques to add to your own special traditions. Our focus is your success. 


What you desire you can have! Do you understand just how powerful you are?  Magic happens every day.

Now is the time. You are here intentionally, there are no coincidences in this beautiful journey we call Life! Explore, learn and claim your power to create the life you desire, it is waiting for you. Book your private session today!


Question: What’s the scoop on the private sessions? And is it a right fit for me?

Answer:  The private sessions is where the magic happens! Of course they are a fit, the sessions were created with YOU in mind.


Technique Matters!

Metaphysical tools are wonderful, they are the ‘bells and whistles’ that gives power to our mental intentions.


Let me ask you this dear friend, "Do you set out to assemble a piece of furniture without the instructions?" Or "Go on a road trip without directions?"  In both instances, you indeed may assemble the furniture by looking at the image and you may arrive at your destination without a map. What happens when we follow instructions? An instruction is the act of educating, giving the steps that must be followed … Just like the Universe follows very specific instructions for creation, WE too are given specific instructions to follow to manifest. You can add your own ‘sprinkle, sprinkle’ to these specific techniques, these specific Universal Laws BUT there are certain elements that are essential for you to follow to get your desired results.


So, what are these instructions?

Your spirit/higher self/God is always ‘talking’ to you, giving you instructions. Do you speak Spirit’s language? Shhhh… we all do

  1. What is my frequency?
  2. How is my mental and emotional health?
  3. Am I thinking new thoughts? or Are my thoughts on an outdated 'thought loop" with very little new thoughts?
  4. Am I easily triggered?
  5. Do I plan how to react in situations or do I allow situations to dictate my emotions?

How you answer these questions is a direct correlation to your life at this very moment. The questions above is not even the tip of ways our energy field can be impacted. To impact one’s energy field is to impact one’s reality.


This is the value of the Spirit and Soul Shop’s private sessionsWhere we collaborate on manifesting the life that you desire.

Spirit and Soul Shop private session's, is designed to meet you exactly where you are and help you understand cause and effect, mind and manifestation and energy and matter. For learn more about Spirit and Soul Shop visit our About Us page. To book a private session visit our Services page.


“The Creative Mother/Father/Omni Present Life Force has healed my mind of all false beliefs and error patterns and is forever restoring and refreshingly my mind, emotions and body in perfect harmony and health.”

If you are a Spiritual person than we have what you need! Browse our selection of Crytals or Books like Healing and Tarot Books.We also have Cushions and Singing Bowls for those whole love to do Meditation.

We are adding these products, so check back soon!