About Spirit and Soul Shop


If you are a spiritual person, Spirit and Soul Shop is for you!

Browse thru our extensive spirituality products including tarot and oracle cards, crystals, 7 day jar candles, magic candles, a large selection of smudge sticks, incense and much more!


Spirit and Soul Shop is unlike any other metaphysical store. In addition to our impressive product lineup, we offer private sessions. This is something we’re so very excited about!


Let me share with you a brief story of my spiritual journey. My immediate family is Catholic. I went to private school for 12 years and immersed myself in the practice. I was an altar girl, went to mass every Wednesday and every Sunday. I went to Catholicism school and my parents were very good at volunteering my time at the dioceses. My proximity to the Catholic religion was great - there were many elements I loved about the religion. The rituals, quiet hymns, the quiet reverence of it all appealed to some aspect of my soul that rang almost familiar. 

At the same time, I started to witness practices by the initiated that were in direct conflict with the catholic religion practices and this started my on my journey into studying other religions.  I found elements in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism etc. that I could appreciate in each and other aspects that again, were in deep conflict with my inherent beliefs. So, I found myself at a crossroads; either abandon religious practices altogether or honor aspects that resonated with my spirituality and what I discovered is that going within, is essential. It all starts with Self.


My self-realization journey has led me down many paths and each illuminated an “aha!” moment. I learned how the mind, our thoughts are the all, and to direct our life path, one must understand how the mind works and how our thoughts and emotions create the world around us.


For over fifteen years I’ve counseled people to help them design a life they desire. And through the countless hours of communing with others, we’ve developed proven techniques and universal laws that produce definite results to live the life you desire. These techniques are not untested, they are proven strategies to help you achieve the life you desire.


Come close because this is important: Spirit and Soul Shop has a wonderful selection of metaphysical and spiritual products that our customers LOVE. With our 15-day money back guarantee the harm is in NOT taking advantage of the beautiful crystals, smudge sticks, oracle cards and more, but we wanted to take Spirit and Soul Shop to the next level!

That ‘next level’ are the private sessions, and here is why: “Have you ever visited a metaphysical store and had questions?” I know we have smiley “Which crystal should I work with for anxiety? Or “What’s the difference between a Cedar smudge and a Harmony smudge? And “How do I power charge my manifestations?” And we could go on and on…

It was the journey of finding these answers that we fell in love with this work, totally and completely.  When we put specific techniques to the test, one after another, success after success followed.  7-figure deals, purchasing a new home, increased energy and happiness. A proven process emerged. This process we share in the private sessions curated to your specific need to manifest that which is desired. The decision is yours, my dear! Give this proven process the opportunity to operate in your life, NOW. You are here, now take the next step and select a Spirit and Soul Shop package.




Spirit and Soul Shop private sessions combines education and coaching to help you:


  1. Get clear on your life plan
  2. Transmute negative self-talk
  3. Understand the nature of your thoughts
  4. Learn NEW techniques for working with metaphysical products
  5. A unique plan curated to your specific needs

Have fun browsing Spirit and Soul Shop, our products are truly amazing! And we look forward to seeing you in session