Incense Burners

Incense Burners
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Abalone Shell Large Incense Burner

These Abalone Shell Incense Burners are nice and large (7-9 inches) and made from real Abalone shell..


Brass Cauldron Incense Burner

Sculpted of brass in the image of a cauldron, this small screen burner is the perfect addition to yo..


Brass Screen Incense Burner 1 Inch x 3 Inch

Sitting 3" in diameter and 1" tall, this simple brass charcoal burner is intended to be used with ch..


Buddha Incense Burner

Intended to be used with your stick incense, this tall incense holder is a marvelous piece for your ..


Cast Iron Incense Burner with Wood Handle

Made of cast iron and affixed with a wooden handle, this incense burner is perfect for burning all o..


Celtic Dragon Incense Burner

Theres no better way to enjoy a nice stick of incense then with a nice incense burner. And if your i..


Floral Incense Burner

Sculpted of natural soapstone, this beautiful incense burner takes the form of a small lidded dish, ..


Medium Hanging Brass Star Incense Burner

Providing the perfect way to burn your ritual incense and add to the atmosphere and magick of your s..


Pentagram Triple Moon Incense Burner

This beautiful, pewter ash catcher features a silver-toned finish, elaborately decorated with a disp..


Pewter Screen Incense Burner

This simple charcoal burner provides you with an easy to use basin for burning all of your favorite ..


Short Brass Screen Incense Burner

The screen can be set convex or concave on the base. Comes with a wood coaster for added surface pro..


Small Hanging Brass Incense Burner

These Small Hanging Brass Incense Burners are small in size brass hanging incense burners for use wi..


Three Kings Brass Incense Burners

A solid brass charcoal burner that is great for use with either of our charcoal disks. Brass ..