Smudge Sticks

Smudge Sticks
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Baby White Sage Smudge Stick 12 Pack

Small, "baby" white smudge sticks are perhaps among the most popular smudge sticks offered for ritua..


Black Sage Smudge Stick 8 Inch

Of particular use to those shaman and magical practitioners who seek aid within pathworking, divin..


Blessing Smudge Stick

Created using all natural ingredients, the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico created ..


Blue Sage Smudge Stick

This small smudge stick has been made from blue sage, as opposed to the more commonly used white sag..


Cedar Smudge Stick 3 Pack

Much like White Sage, Cedar is frequently burned within magical practices for its fragrant, purify..


Cedar Smudge Stick 7 Inch

Created entirely of bundled cedar tips, this 7" cedar smudge stick is perfect for blessings and ritu..


Ceremonial Smudge Stick

Perfect for purification and blessings before your ceremony, this all natural smudge stick created b..


Dragon's Blood Smudge Stick

This wonderful smudge stick blends mountain sage and dragon's blood resin, mingling two of the mos..


Dream Spirit Smudge Stick

Created by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja California and Mexico, this smudge stick has been specifical..


Harmony Smudge Stick

This blend of all natural ingredients has been specifically crafted by the Kumeyaay Indians of Baja ..