Personal Transformation is our Guarantee. Ask, Believe, Receive…it really is that simple.

Exclusive for our Spirit and Soul Shop beauties, with each session receive a free gift, from us to you.

 We are here to help you drop jaws and make them wonder… “How did she do that”?

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“ I dropped 20lbs, by following the 3 step manifestation process in 2 months! Selean is patient and is invested in her clients achieve their results” Lisa Anderson, Opaka Locka, FL

My session with Spirit and Soul helped me with reach my ‘ah ha’ moment! After scoping out my life path plan I’m so inspired” Kelly Williamson, San Francisco, CA

I learned to turbo boost my manifestations using divination tools. I wanted to provide this testimony because technique matters! Had I known this I would have saved tons of money approaching using candles, smudge sticks without a clear process. Thank you! Rebecca Swanson, Cleveland, OH


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Package 1 - 45 minute session

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Package 2 - 60 minute session

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Package 3 - 90 minute session

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