New Package 1 - 45 minute session

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Package 1 - 45 minute session









Package 1                                     45 minute session            $125.00                                                                           

  • LEARN TO WORK WITH DIVINATION TOOLS, crystals, candles, tarot cards, oh my! Learn to work with a variation of divination tools to aide in your manifestations
  • CANDLE MAGICK How to dress a candle, which candles to use, how to read candle flames, candle colors that align with your desires and how to discard your candle
  • WORKING WITH CRYSTALS Crystal selection, cleaning crystals, charging crystals, dedicating crystals and more
  • WRITING A PETITION, Learn the elements of writing a powerful petition (spelling is spells, learn the art)
  • WORKING WITH TAROT AND ORACLE CARDS Tarot and Oracle cards are powerful divination tools, learn techniques to interpret various tarot cards, how to use tarot and oracle cards in spell work
  • LEARN UP TO 12 DIFFERENT TAROT CARD SPREADS Which tarot spread to use for relationship advice, potential future outcomes, current energy surrounding you or a situation of intetest and more. 
  • POWER OF SMUDGING  Learn the art of smudging and the best type of smudge stick is most beneficial; like cedar, harmony, balance and the various ways to use smudge sticks to clear energy and empower your space and/or divination tools


Try our 7 Chakra Smudge, Crystal Medicine Oracle deck, Triple Threat Atrraction bundle, New Moon and Full Moon candle set and Unblocker 7-day jar candle today! 





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