Package 3 - 90 minute session

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Package 3 - 90 minute session

Package 3            90 minute session            $175.00 includes tarot or oracle deck of your choice

This packae is for you, if you want to:

  •   WANTING TO THINK POSITIVELY but unaware of the obstacles that keep you grounded in negativity? 
  •  EMPOWERMENT: Empower you to take your power back from others
  •   PURPOSE: Bring together all of the above elements into a clear statement of purpose and write your personal manifesto as a powerful declaration of intent
  •   CONDITIONING: Overcome limiting conditioning from childhood and societal influences
  •   PASSIONS/INTERESTS: Explore your greatest passions and interests and help you discover what you’re “made for”
  •   TALENTS/SKILLS: Examine natural talents and the skills acquired to determine possibilities · 
  •   PERSONALITY: Investigate personality type and glean insight into desires and inclinations · 
  •   EXPERIENCES: Search     for patterns or hidden clues in your timeline of life changing experiences · 
  •   COINCIDENCES: Consider how meaningful coincidences are often symbolic of greater meaning and purpose
  •   LIMITING BELIEFS: Eliminate limiting beliefs systems and rewrite empowering new ones and how to overcome common excuses that can hold you back
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  • $175.00